Taking a Trip? Remember to Pack These Smile Care Supplies!

At Northridge Dental Group and Longview Family Dental, we know summer is a time when many of us travel. Whether to explore our state by motor vehicle or jumping on a plane to fly to new destinations or places we’ve loved before, preparation is key.

To maximize your enjoyment, our dentists, Drs. Shahdad Arami, Farshid Ariz, Sehar Rezvani, Megan Doudian, and Henry Sobol in Northridge, California want to help you pack wisely for your trip, bringing what you will need to care for the smile you have worked so hard to achieve. We hope these tips help you have a safe and memorable journey!

What to pack:

–Disposable toothbrush to keep your pearly whites clean.

–Travel-size toothpaste to remove bacteria and created good breath.

–Compact dental floss to clean in between your teeth and along the gumline.

–Mini-mouthwash to kill germs and lower acid levels in the mouth.

–Sugar-free gum after meals when brushing isn’t an option (it stimulates saliva flow which cleans the teeth and attracts food particles and bacteria).

–For those whitening their teeth you can bring whitestrips.

–If you are in a place where the water isn’t safe to drink, use bottled water to hydrate and brush your teeth with. Hydration is key to avoiding dry mouth.

–Don’t forget your nightguard or retainer.

–Dental emergency filling/crown repair kit.

–If you are wearing braces, add tooth picks or floss-picks, orthodontic wax, an extra clear plastic aligner tray, and check ahead to have the name, phone number and address of an orthodontic office where you will be staying.

Did you receive travel sized toothpaste and floss at your last dental visit? Now is the time to pack them! And if you are traveling on a long trip, or out of the country, it is good to have a dental checkup before you leave. If you have any questions, feel free to give our Northridge Dental Group team in Northridge, California, a call at 818-886-6100.

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