How Does Zoom! Whitening Work?

Have you ever wanted to improve the look of your teeth without a tooth restoration that covers up your original teeth? Fortunately, Zoom! whitening systems work by cleaning deep within teeth to remove stains and discolorations to bring out your natural smile. Zoom! whitening treatments are proven to be both safe and effective for your smile and your oral health.

Zoom! whitening works by using hydrogen peroxide to enter beneath the tooth enamel and bleach deep stains and discolorations within teeth. Zoom! can effectively remove tobacco, soft drink, tea, coffee, wine, juice, beet, and aging stains that may have damaged your teeth over the year. Although the process only takes roughly an hour, it can improve the color of your teeth better than most products can in weeks or months.

For additional support, your dentists can give you Zoom! whitening kits for at-home use when you require touchups. Since your teeth are not stain resistant, they are still prone to staining damage that may occur in the future. Fortunately, Zoom! whitening will be there to save the day once more!

If you would like to schedule a Zoom! whitening session at Northridge Dental Group, simply call our dental office in Northridge, California, at our number 818-886-6100. Dr. Arami, Dr. Ariz, Dr. Rezvani, Dr. Separzadeh, and our entire team look forward to making your smile shine!

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