Importance Of Restoring Oral Health

At Northridge Dental Group, we are passionate about helping our patients restore and improve their oral health. We know it can be difficult to overcome the feelings that many people experience when it comes to their oral health. Some patients who struggle with their teeth and mouth find it easier to avoid the problem and deal with the consequences. This can lead to years of discomfort and difficulty eating and smiling. We are here to help our patients, who may feel that all hope is lost when it comes to their oral health. With advancements in treatments and technology, we can improve any problem with your oral health.

How To Get A Movie Star Smile

Are you fascinated with teeth that are perfectly straight and bright white? Those perfect smiles you find yourself admiring are very likely the result of cosmetic dental treatments. This is especially true of most movie stars and models. One cosmetic dental treatment in particular is often referred to as the “movie star treatment” because it produces a beautiful, perfect smile. Read on to learn more about this treatment and how it can improve your smile.

Debunking Common Myths About Root Canals

At Northridge Dental Group, we do all we can to save your natural teeth. One treatment in particular can help us achieve this goal — root canal therapy. Many patients have heard of a root canal and have a bad impression without ever having received treatment. If you are unfamiliar, a root canal is the process of removing infected nerve tissue from the inside of the tooth. The root is then cleaned, disinfected, filled, and sealed. If a root canal is not performed when needed, the last resort is to extract the tooth to remove the infection.

Watch This Impactful Video!

At Northridge Dental Group, we provide dental care with you in mind. We are happy to provide everything for our patients under one roof. We have the expertise and technology to do it right in the office. We value your health and will do anything we can to make you feel welcome and comfortable while you’re with us. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with some of our patients to hear their thoughts and receive feedback about the practice. We encourage you to click here to watch the video, hear what they have to say, and learn more about our practice.

How To Get A Bright Smile For The Summer

The summer seems to be the kick-off for endless events that go right through to the holiday season. From vacations and outdoor get-togethers in the summer to holiday celebrations and parties during the fall and winter, it seems like there is always something on the calendar. Would you love a brighter, whiter smile? If so, teeth whitening is the treatment for you! While we offer a number of treatments that can change the appearance of the teeth, a whitening treatment is the most cost-effective and easiest way to improve your smile. Read on to learn more about this treatment and why the professional whitening we offer is the right choice.

Northridge Dental Group – Learn More About Our Team And Practice

When you are thinking about your dental home, what characteristics are important to you? Do you want a dentist who is honest with you and helps you understand your dental needs? Would you like to feel like part of the family? Or is time a big concern and you are looking to have all of your dental needs met in one location? At Northridge Dental Group, we are here to help you with all of these requirements and more. We are ethical and honest with all of our patients, and we do our very best to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. We encourage you to learn more about our practice and hear thoughts from our team and our beloved patients.

Could Dental Implants Solve Your Problems?

Are you in need of a tooth replacement and interested in learning more about dental implants and if you would be a candidate for treatment? Even if you don’t need a tooth replacement at this time, we feel it is always good to be informed and prepared should the need arise suddenly. We always want our patients to feel comfortable with any decisions they make about their oral health, and we are always here to help guide them in the right direction. Dental implants have become an extremely popular treatment due to the various options people now have. Advances in dental treatments and technology mean more patients than ever before are eligible to receive dental implants. Unfortunately, there are still some patients who may not qualify. Continue reading to learn more about implants and whether you would be a good candidate.